Paid political letter: Reject Do-Nothing MAGA Republican Pete Stauber—Vote Jennifer Schultz for Congress in CD 8

Ideas and opinions in this letter are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the stance of this paper. The author of this letter has paid for its placement. Economist and Democratic State Representative Jennifer Schultz is challenging CD 8 incumbent, MAGA Republican Pete Stauber for Congress. His MAGA credentials are well attested. In 2020 he signed on to the Texas lawsuit asking the Supreme Court to throw out the election results in four states won by Biden. Trump had already lost over sixty lower court voter fraud suits. The Supreme Court quickly dismissed the Texas suit. Also, Stauber uses the Trump campaign technique of lying openly. At recent debates, Stauber repeatedly said that Schultz favors defunding the police. She denied it and independent fact checking found his accusation is false. Unsurprisingly, he has neither admitted his lie nor stopped repeating it. That is what MAGA Republicans do.

Schultz challenges Stauber’s assertion that Biden’s reckless overspending is causing inflation. She points out that Biden is drastically reducing our budget deficit. The fall in the deficit under Biden is the largest in history. It’s hard for Stauber to explain how Biden can simultaneously overspend recklessly and reduce spending drastically. But it’s not hard for people in CD 8 to see that what Stauber really hates is Biden’s spending to help people who struggle economically.

Offering a more credible analysis of inflation, Jennifer Schultz points out it is worldwide. We are not in the top ten countries having inflation and inflation in the EU and the UK has periodically exceeded ours. Biden couldn’t cause inflation in the EU, UK, Turkey or any other foreign country. Accordingly, he did not cause inflation here. Schultz explains that inflation has been caused by the pandemic disrupting supply chains, by Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, a major food exporter, and by corporate price gouging. Clearly, there is a difference between the economic reasoning of an Economist versus a retired police officer with little knowledge of the subject. And it’s clear who will serve us best in Congress.

Alan Peterson
Duluth, Minn.