McEwen Will Stand Up for Duluth

This letter is paid content. To the editor,

As a member of the Duluth City Council, I know firsthand how important it is to have state legislators that will stand up for us in St. Paul. That’s why I’m supporting Jen McEwen to be Duluth’s next state senator.

As an attorney for disabled workers, Jen has fought insurance companies to get people the benefits they deserve. As Board President of the Damiano Center, she’s worked to support struggling families. I know that Jen will bring the same passion to the job of representing Duluth. She will make it a priority to bring home state dollars to support basic city services and to help maintain our streets and utility infrastructure. Doing so will help us meet the needs of local residents while holding the line on the property taxes paid by financially stretched homeowners and small businesses.

We are fortunate that Jen has stepped forward to seek the state senate seat. She is doing so out of a genuine sense of public service and not for purposes of personal advancement. And what a breath of fresh air that is. Please join me in voting for Jen McEwen for state senator in the upcoming DFL primary election.

Joel Sipress

Joel Sipress represents the 2nd District on the Duluth City Council