This letter is paid content. I am writing in support of Gary Anderson. As our City Council representative, he has impressed me in more ways than one. My wife and I are new residents in Duluth, and we had a permitting issue regarding our house. Gary visited us, considered our position, and initially could not support it. I was impressed that he called, with what we thought was “bad news”, and clearly explained his reasoning. He neither avoided or candy coated his response. As we worked through the situation with the City of Duluth, new information regarding our request became available. I was impressed for a second time, as Gary was willing to change his position and become our advocate.

The result was good for us as homeowners, and I believe good for the City. Gary demonstrated his ability to work with the City staff and other Council people through all of this, and was interested in doing the right thing. That’s why I support Gary!

David Larsen