Janet Kennedy for City Council District 5

This letter is paid content. Citizens of Duluth’s 5th District spanning the Western neighborhoods from 40th Avenue West have an opportunity to elect an exceptionally well-qualified candidate in Janet Kennedy. At a recent candidate’s forum sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and DNT, Janet demonstrated depth in understanding high priority issues for West Duluth constituents. She provided a comprehensive grasp of the factors that together lead to prosperity for individuals, families, businesses, and community: Affordable housing across a spectrum of incomes; increased access to post-secondary education and training ensuring a qualified workforce; well-maintained roads, sidewalks, and public transportation; vibrant neighborhoods; and high quality public education.

Janet’s dedication to our community is reflected in her career, volunteerism, and civic involvement. She is an astute listener who takes to heart the issues that profoundly impact peoples’ lives and seeks out solutions to address both immediate concerns and strategies that bring about lasting positive change. Examples of her proactive leadership include her work as a member of the Duluth Planning Commission, co-chairmanship of the Cross-Cultural Alliance, and member of the Mayor’s Imagine Duluth 2035 Vision Committee. I encourage voters in the 5th District to vote for Janet Kennedy for City Council on or before November 5th.