Paid Political Letter: Highschooler For Arik Forsman

As a politically engaged high school senior and proud lifelong Duluthian I am supporting Arik Forsman. With insight born from grappling with the problems Duluth and Duluthians face, Arik Forsman knows what we need from the state legislature. 

For childcare, education, the environment, economic development, and affordable housing, we need a state representative who is both an advocate for the unrepresented and someone who is an experienced leader. Arik Forsman’s invaluable experience shows he will fight for Duluth, for education, and for the environment. 

From my perspective, Arik Forsman is the most qualified candidate. He will make Duluth a better place for our future.

Paid for by Arik Forsman for House District 8B Committee.

Mae Nephew
Duluth, MN