Paid Political Letter: Forsman Trusted to Advocate for Infrastructure Funding in St. Paul

Duluth’s infrastructure is at a critical crossroads. While work on the nearly half- billion-dollar Twin Ports Interchange is clamoring away in the heart of our city other significant  projects must be addressed, including replacing lead pipes, the Blatnik Bridge, and reimagining the I-35  Corridor through downtown.

We need experienced leadership to advocate to bring as much state and federal funding to our city as possible.

City Council President Arik Forsman is uniquely positioned to be this champion for Duluth in the state legislature.

Duluth faces a workforce crunch that must be solved to complete infrastructure projects, as well as for the housing and retail construction boom  to be sustained. Arik Forsman has been widely endorsed by the Building & Construction Trade unions in Duluth and is  the voice they trust to partner together to advocate for funding and help address these challenges in order to keep Duluth growing.

As a small business owner and young person in the community, we need forward thinkers who get things done. For these reasons among many others,  I want Arik to be Duluth’s voice in St. Paul at this critical juncture.

Paid for by Arik Forsman for House District 8B Committee.

Atle Rennan
Duluth, Minn.