Paid Political Letter: Forsman Shows Up for Labor -  Even in the Dead of Winter

As a long-time Lakeside resident and Secretary Treasurer of Teamsters Local 346, I write in strong support of Arik Forsman to be the next State Representative for East Duluth.

Council President Forsman supports the men and women of labor and earned the endorsement of all 18 labor groups who have endorsed in the House 8B, including Teamsters Joint Council 32 representing over 75,000 members across the Midwest. Arik says what he means and means what he says. He doesn’t just show up at election time, but he shows up whenever we’ve needed him. Arik was on the picket lines in the dead of winter in support of Teamster members at St. Louis County when they went on strike in 2020. 

The working people of Duluth can count on Arik to fight for us in the Minnesota House. I strongly urge you to vote for Council President Arik Forsman on August 9th. 

Paid for by Arik Forsman for House District 8B Committee.

Rod Alstead
Duluth, Minn.