Forsman a Leader on Climate

Arik has been a strong leader for Duluth as a member of City Council and he can do even more for our community if elected to House District 8B. 

Arik’s strong stance on the threats we face from climate change and the actions we can take on a local and regional level are exactly what we need from our elected leaders right now. With the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in West Virginia vs EPA that crippled the federal response to the climate crisis, we need strong local voices to take action against this urgent and growing threat. 

Arik’s co-sponsoring of the Duluth Climate Emergency Resolution through City Council that established the Climate Action Work Plan is exactly the sort of leadership we need. 

I am proud to support Arik so we can keep our community moving forward in the face of the great challenges that lay ahead of us.

Paid for by Arik Forsman for House District 8B Committee.

Samuel Lobby

Duluth, Minn.

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