Paid Political Letter: Council President Forsman the Partner Needed in St. Paul

I support Arik Forsman for House 8B because he’s a strong leader and that’s what we need in St. Paul. As the current city council president, he’s always willing to share his knowledge and give sound advice in a non-judgmental manner. 

The work of a city councilor or state legislator is not easy. You must be responsive to your constituents, navigate problems and research solutions, and develop strategies to actually get results for your city and state.

Right now, Duluth needs a strong advocate in the Minnesota House with a deep knowledge of the issues, tireless work ethic, and ability to build relationships in all corners of the state to bring home the resources our city needs to provide core services like street repairs, public safety services, and projects that improve our overall quality of life. Arik is that candidate. He knows first-hand how to actually do the work of a legislator and has proven his ability to get results on our city council. He’s ready to serve in this new capacity.

Arik is what we need to be able to work collaboratively with everyone to move Duluth forward. Join me in supporting him on August 9th.

Paid for by Arik Forsman for House District 8B Committee.

Council Vice President Janet Kennedy
Duluth, Minn.