Paid political letter: Choose Gordon Ramsey

St. Louis County Sheriff candidate Chad Walsh rarely mentions publicly that his small business is Dead-On Arms in Proctor. With all the gun violence in our county and state this seems like an odd fit for a Sheriff.

In March of 2021 Walsh refused to close his firearms shop as required during the COVID shut down until he was forced to do so. In addition, his company logo displays the numeral and stars used by the Three Percenters. The Anti-Defamation League describes this group as a militia group. A Texas leader of three percenters has been charged and convicted for participation in the Jan. 6th Insurrection.

Further, Walsh was charged with campaign violations in the spring of this year and fined as a result. His excuse was that he and his wife were novices at running campaigns. That is not an excuse.

The chief law enforcement officer in St. Louis County should have the experience, wisdom, and common sense to keep our County safe and follow the laws. You can make a choice for a more experienced candidate in the Aug. 9th primary for Sheriff. My choice is Gordon Ramsay.

Joan A. Peterson
Cloquet, Minn.