Chad Walsh For a New Direction In Law Enforcement

There’s a new Sheriff in town – at least there will be shortly. The man running for this position in the primary on August 9 is Chad Walsh. Chad has been involved with law enforcement since 1994, but more than that, he has the principles and new ideas to bring law enforcement to a higher level of accountability and cooperation with the citizens he represents. It’s all about the people and he calls the centerpiece of his campaign “A new generation of law enforcement.”

As a small business owner, Chad has been working with ordinary citizens for years now, and as Sheriff he’ll protect the rights of these same people. In these days where we’ve been seeing aggressive government over-reach on every hand, this is no small thing. He not only understands the meaning of the Constitutional right to speak, assemble, write and publish, to worship, and to keep and bear arms, but how these are implemented in real life as well. Everything works better when elected officials and the citizens work together, and a Sheriff Walsh will be one who works for the people.

During this election season we sometimes hear candidates boast of their 30 years experience as the Holy Grail of success. Sometimes it’s 30 years with no new ideas or improvement for just as long. Take a look at Washington: the swamp is full of relics who have all been there for 30 or 40 years – and just look at the mess our country is in! Now, wouldn’t a new approach sure be a breath of fresh air? That is what Chad Walsh brings to the table. Instead of more of the “Good Ol’ Boys Club”, there is now real hope for something better. Chad Walsh. August 9.

Jim Hofsommer
Markham, Minn.