A Vote for Erik Simonson is a vote for common sense

This letter is paid content. When the pandemic caused us all to shelter in place, we decided to ride it out at our nearby cabin. The world has changed in a myriad of ways. Some things will never be the same.

But the steady leadership of Senator Erik Simonson will be the same. In these troubled and difficult times, I know that his experience and level headedness is exactly what we need in the Minnesota Senate. His colleagues chose Erik for a leadership position because of his strong, effective problem solving.

I have found Erik to be a good listener in my advocacy for gun safety reform over the years. He is accessible, responsive and takes action. Erik has been a champion for gun safety reform understanding that when over 90% of Minnesotans support lifesaving background checks on all gun sales it must be done.

Erik was awarded an Orange Star from Protect Minnesota and is a Gunsense Candidate for Moms Demand Action. Erik has also been an advocate of health care reform, public safety, women’s health, domestic abuse intervention, a strong education system and many issues of importance in the midst of the pandemic. We need his ability to be pragmatic and willingness to work with everyone in these uncertain times.

Please vote for Erik Simonson for Minnesota Senate.

Joan Peterson