News Tribune, Oct. 28, 1981

  • The Duluth School Board yesterday unanimously approved a $16 million tax levy for 1982 — an 18.4% increase over last year's levy. The money will be used for maintenance, transportation, community services, capital expenditures and to pay existing debts.
  • Ray Carson, director of Duluth's Parks and Recreation Department, said yesterday he wants to make 1982 the year of the park in Duluth. Speaking to the City Council, Carson suggested a yearlong celebration to encourage citizens to use the parks.

News Tribune, Oct. 28, 1921

  • A parade in which every school child in Duluth is expected to participate will be a feature of Armistice Day, Nov. 11. Veterans of the Civil War, Spanish-American War, and World War will also march, along with American Legion and Veterans of Foreign War members.
  • Dave Bancroft, captain of the World Series champion New York Giants, will be welcomed home to Superior with a rousing reception Nov. 2. A procession will take him to the Knights of Columbus Hall, where a banquet will be given in his honor.