News Tribune, Oct. 27, 1981

  • Thirty-five employees of Fraser Shipyards Inc. of Superior have been rehired after being fired 12 days ago for staging a wildcat strike. Another 160 employees, also fired because of the strike, hope to hear today if they will be rehired as part of a union grievance.
  • Duluth voters will decide Nov. 3 whether they want to double the transit mill levy, allowing the Duluth Transit Authority to collect $840,000 from property taxes. If the referendum fails, DTA officials say they may have to cut bus service by 39%.

News Tribune, Oct. 27, 1921

  • With the loading of a cargo of lumber for New York this week, shipments of forest products from Duluth will end for the season. Local lumber jobbers say this year's shipments down the lake were less than 20% of last year's total.
  • A shooting fracas and drunken revels in Tower Avenue diners recently have caused the Superior City Council to pass an ordinance prohibiting booths in restaurants. The ordinance is a sequel to one passed months ago providing that all curtains and doors be removed from the booths.