News Tribune, Oct. 11, 1981

  • Superwood in Duluth is spending $4 million on a system that will convert the wastewater from its manufacturing process into hemicellulose. The molasses-like substance can then be used as fuel for the company's plant or sold as cattle feed.
  • Mountain Iron residents are worried about the economic effects on their community of the recent layoff of 1,500 workers at the Minntac plant. It's the largest layoff anyone can remember and will last through the end of the year, company officials say.

News Tribune, Oct. 11, 1921

  • The Superior Board of Education yesterday agreed to provide pupils in penmanship classes with writing paper purchased with school funds. The decision reversed an earlier resolution requiring students to buy their own paper, which resulted in a number of complaints.
  • Fifty Chinese residents of Duluth early yesterday enjoyed delicacies of their native land at the Mandarin Cafe to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Republic. The party began at 1:30 a.m. and continued until dawn.