News Tribune, Sept. 15, 1981

  • The Duluth City Council last night voted to rezone 40 acres near Glenwood Avenue between Northland Country Club and 40th Avenue East from suburban to residential. The rezoning will allow construction of 194 townhouses and condominiums on the site.
  • The Superior Board of Harbor Commissioners will apply for a permit to use city-owned land west of the Incan Superior Dock as a dredge disposal site. City officials say the area could then be used for a future development.

News Tribune, Sept. 15, 1921

  • A resolution asking the Duluth City Council to consider proposals for a memorial to Duluth's war casualties was adopted by the Kiwanis Club yesterday. The resolution asks that a site be selected by the city and dedicated on Armistice Day.
  • Work on the Virginia end of the Virginia-to-Eveleth road is now practically complete, and formal acceptance of the road is planned after members of the Virginia City Council inspect it tomorrow. The road will open for traffic on the weekend.