News Tribune, Sept. 11, 1981

  • The Minnesota Finance Department yesterday determined that $75,000 in state money can't be used to keep Amtrak's Duluth-Twin Cities run operating. Rep. Willard Munger of Duluth, who pushed the appropriation through the 1980 Legislature, vowed to keep the train running.
  • The budget approved yesterday by the Spirit Mountain Recreation Authority for the 1981-82 fiscal year projects a net profit of $131,241, about $9,000 less than this year's anticipated profit. To cut costs, the new budget closes the food and beverage operations during the summer.

News Tribune, Sept. 11, 1921

  • Present labor conditions point to an unfavorable employment outlook for area loggers and woodsmen during the approaching fall and winter months. Between 4,000 and 5,000 men will be required this year, only half of the usual number employed out of Duluth, employment agents report.
  • The Smithville Community Club was organized yesterday at a mass meeting of Smithville residents. The participants agreed that the club should work on improvements to streets and sidewalks, better police protection, fire and mail service, and general beautification of the community.