News Tribune, July 27, 1981

  • The Superior School Board will review the district's proposed $14.9 million budget for the 1981-82 school year at a public hearing tonight in the Blaine School. The budget is about $1.2 million more than the appropriation for last school year.
  • Talks in Duluth between contractors and members of Plasterers and Cement Masons Local 53 are at an impasse, but union members have not yet returned to the picket line. Meanwhile, the strike by members of Carpenters Local 361 is in its sixth week.

News Tribune, July 27, 1921

  • Larger and better attractions than last year will be offered at this year's Tri-State Fair to be held Sept. 5-9, thanks to a $20,000 appropriation. Contractors have completed the new bleachers and work on the grandstand addition is progressing.
  • Citizens of Duluth subscribed $32,218,200 for government bonds during the past world's war, according to W.E. Culkin, chairman of the St. Louis County branch of the Minnesota War Records Commission. The number of subscribers for Duluth was 91,331.