News Tribune, July 22, 1981

  • Duluth District Court Judge David Bouschor granted a temporary restraining order yesterday against striking state employees picketing entrances to a Duluth grain elevator. The order prohibits the union from demonstrating at any elevator entrance except the gate designated for state employees.
  • Hundreds of people are expected to tour the USS Lawe during its four-day stay at the Arthur M. Clure Public Marine Terminal in Duluth. Yesterday people lined the breakwater near Canal Park as the 390-foot Navy destroyer sailed into the Duluth harbor.

News Tribune, July 22, 1921

  • Forest fires last night were reported menacing the North Shore towns of Clifton and Fairbanks on the Duluth & Iron Range Railroad. Members of the National Guard tank corps, currently at their encampment in Lakewood. helped to get the blaze under control.
  • Deaths resulting from motor vehicle accidents in St. Louis County are decreasing, according to Coroner Edward Richter. In the first six months of this year, there have been 16 fewer fatal accidents than during the corresponding period in 1920, he said.