News Tribune, July 13, 1981

  • Donald Wirtanen, Duluth, and Martin Mattson, Esko, will receive Finland's highest honors for foreigners at an International Trade Day luncheon this week in Duluth. The awards will be presented following an address by Jaakko Iloniemi, Finland's ambassador to the United States.
  • Big Vic, the 25-foot plastic, musket-toting statue in Voyageurs National Park is without a home today. The National Park Service has ordered owner Vic Davis to remove the statue from its location on Little Cranberry Island in Rainy Lake.

News Tribune, July 13, 1921

  • Huston Thompson, chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, told a Superior audience yesterday that with the coming of the St. Lawrence River deep waterway, the Twin Ports will experience rapid growth. Today, Mr. Thompson will visit towns on the Iron Range.
  • Federal officials visiting Duluth yesterday said the McDougal-Duluth Shipbuilding Company's plant in Riverside would be an excellent site for a training school for former servicemen. Reports recommending the buildings will now be made to the Federal Vocational Training Board in Washington, DC.