News Tribune, July 9, 1981

  • Duluth and Superior will suffer more than other Great Lakes ports if a proposed hike in seaway tolls is approved, officials say. One of the commodities affected by the increase is grain, a major cargo moving through the Twin Ports.
  • About 4,500 acres in the Superior National Forest will be sprayed with the controversial herbicide 2,4-D beginning today, the U.S. Forest Service announced yesterday. The herbicide is used to retard growth of underbrush and unwanted species of trees, such as aspen.

News Tribune, July 9, 1921

  • St. Louis County has been allotted five carloads of picric acid for land clearing at a cost to the farmers of 7 cents per pound, plus freight and delivery costs. The picric acid, a war salvage material, is equivalent to 50% dynamite
  • The Duluth City Council yesterday complied with a request made by members of the Duluth Auto Club that the city install water lines in the tourist camp east of Lester Park. Two-thousand feet of pipe will be needed to cover the entire site.