News Tribune, July 2, 1981

  • A proposed downtown revitalization project was announced this week by Duluth Mayor John Fedo. Called "International Village" and bounded by Lake Avenue, Third Avenue East, First Street, and the lake, the project would provide an area for foreign manufacturers to sell their wares.
  • TOOT (reTurn Our Old Tone) needs about $25,000 to put an old diaphone foghorn back in business in Duluth. So far the group has raised $10,000, but $35,000 will be needed to get the old compressed-air foghorn back in place at the Coast Guard station.

News Tribune, July 2, 2001

  • The towns of Buhl and Kinney are looking into building a senior housing complex for their citizens. Local officials say that currently, when it's time for senior citizens to move into assisted living, they need to move to another town.
  • This fall, freshmen in UMD's College of Science and Engineering will be using $800 hand-held computers as part of a project sponsored by Compaq and Microsoft. The postcard-sized computers are a component of UMD's efforts to infuse technology into the university's curriculum.