News Tribune, June 19, 1921

  • Judge W.A. Cant yesterday issued a temporary writ of injunction against the city of Duluth, stopping the city from collecting a wheelage tax in excess of 20%. The city had claimed the right to collect the full wheelage tax under its present ordinance.
  • Plans for rebuilding the Minnesota Match Company of Duluth, destroyed by fire this week, are already underway. The blaze was first discovered in a room on the second floor while employees were out of the building.
  • Asa Dailey, age 81, Civil War veteran and resident of Duluth for the past 50 years, died this morning in his home at 827 E. First St. Mr. Dailey came to Duluth after his discharge from the Union Army and opened a sawmill on Park Point.
  • A bus line from Hibbing to Duluth will be started by the Mesaba Transportation Company as soon as the Meadowlands Road is in condition to handle the traffic. The company will run one bus, leaving Hibbing in the evening and returning the next morning.

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