Bryan Stevenson of the Equal Justice Initiative will give the keynote address for the commemoration events for the 101st anniversary of the deaths of Elias Clayton, Elmer Jackson and Isaac McGhie, traveling circus workers who were lynched in downtown Duluth after false rape accusations in summer 1920.

Stevenson was scheduled to address the crowd of 10,000 that the Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial Committee had hoped to draw last year for the 100-year mark. But, like everything else, the event was canceled.

Stevenson's virtual address will be available for viewing as the finale of a multi-part event hosted by Duluth Human Rights Officer Carl Crawford starting at 3 p.m. Sunday, June 13, on YouTube. There will be music and poetry by Sarah Greer and friends, in addition to the announcement of this year's scholarship recipients.

There will be a gathering at Clayton, Jackson and McGhie's gravesites at Park Hill Cemetery at 5 p.m. Monday, June 14, and the Day of Remembrance starts at noon Tuesday, June 15, at the Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial on the corner of First Street and Second Avenue East.

Stevenson is a lawyer who works for reversing death row sentences for innocent prisoners on death row, challenging abuse in the penal system, and supporting children who are prosecuted as adults. He is the author of "Just Mercy," which covers a specific case where a man who was wrongfully accused of a crime was released from prison before the date of his execution. Stevenson and company have won reversals, relief or release from prison for hundreds of innocent people on death row or otherwise wrongly convicted or unfairly sentenced.

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Stevenson is also behind the National Memorial for Peace and Justice and The Legacy Museum.


June 13

3-5 p.m. on YouTube: Hosted by Carl Crawford; music and poetry by Sarah Greer and friends; announcement of scholarship recipients; and keynote address by Bryan Stevenson.

June 14

5 p.m.: Gathering at Park Hill Cemetery, 2500 Vermillion Road, Duluth.

June 15

Noon: Day of Remembrance at Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial, First Street and Second Avenue East, hosted by Kim Green, with music and speakers.