News Tribune, June 3, 1921

  • A company has been formed to develop 80,000 acres of land north of Duluth near the Vermilion Road for raising livestock. Backed by some of the country's foremost stockmen, the company plans to stock the tract with 10,000 cattle and hogs.
  • A modern, seven-story fireproof apartment building estimated to cost about $1 million is planned for 12th Avenue East and London Road. The property, purchased recently from David Williams and George Tweed, provides a 200-foot frontage on London Road.
  • The steamer Rotarian will make its first excursion of the 1921 season up the St. Louis River next Sunday morning. The ship will leave from the foot of Fifth Avenue West at 9 a.m. and arrive at Fond du Lac at 11 a.m.
  • The Oliver Steel Corporation pays nearly half of the property taxes collected in St. Louis County, according to G.H. Vivian, county treasurer. For the first half of 1921, the company will pay about $5.9 million, and the total collected is expected to be about $11 million.

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