News Tribune, June 2, 1921

  • Meeting in executive session last night, St. Louis County commissioners agreed on a resolution to use concrete to pave the 7 1/4 mile stretch of Miller Trunk Highway south of Eveleth. The resolution will be voted on at this morning's County Board meeting.
  • The Duluth Kiwanis Club is launching an investigation into the financial condition and recent expenditures of the city of Duluth and St. Louis County. The club is concerned about the predicted 7% increase in the assessed valuation of property.
  • Duluth City Attorney J.B. Richards is preparing arguments against the Duluth Street Railway Company's request for an emergency fare increase. The company has filed an application to raise the price of a ticket to seven cents or four tickets for a quarter.
  • The Duluth Police Department is waging a campaign against those who turn in false alarms to the Fire Department. The practice of setting a false alarm to watch the fire trucks make a run has become a major nuisance.

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