News Tribune, May 31, 1921

  • Veterans of three wars and thousands of other Duluthians yesterday honored the soldiers and sailors who have given their lives for America. Cheering crowds lined the Memorial Day Parade route in the morning and later paid tribute to the nation's dead at the Armory ceremony.
  • Two hundred men, women and children fell into two to three feet of water yesterday morning when a portion of the Ashland city dock collapsed. Confusion followed for 30 minutes until it was definitely established that no one had drowned.
  • Annulment of an amendment requiring the city of Duluth to pay for paving of street intersections may be submitted to a referendum of the people. Repeal of the amendment would revert the cost of paving intersections to owners of abutting property.
  • Franklin Elementary School won the best-attending school award yesterday in Duluth's Memorial Day Parade with 95% of its pupils above the fifth grade participating. Emerson School, with 77% participation, was recognized as the best-attending school west of Lake Avenue.

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