News Tribune, May 26, 1921

  • Duluth's patriotic organizations are completing plans for the Memorial Day Parade, predicted to be the largest parade in the city's history. The parade will be followed by a program at the Armory and a service at "The Soldiers' Rest" at Forest Hill Cemetery.
  • The Duluth City Council is considering the purchase of another pump for use in emergencies at the Lakewood Pumping Station. The city's specifications call for an electrically driven pump capable of supplying 20 million gallons of water each 24 hours.
  • Investigation into the origin of a series of fires that occurred in Superior and Douglas County within the last few months will be made by U.S. Fire Marshal Charles Good. Two of the fires show evidence pointing to arson.
  • Duluth Police Chief Warren E. Pugh has accepted a challenge from Louis Osborne, Superior police chief, to see which police force has the best baseball team. The question will be decided in a series of three games, the first to be played this Sunday.

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