News Tribune, May 6, 1921

  • Ernest Huber of the Duluth Commercial Club yesterday predicted 10,000 visitors will attend conventions in Duluth this summer. Mr. Huber estimated that each visitor will spend an average of $8 a day and stay an average of two days in town.
  • The May term calendar of Duluth District Court lists 105 divorce cases, 30 more than on any previous monthly calendar in the history of the court. Judge C.R. Magney yesterday granted nine divorces out of 11 actions that he heard.
  • The St. Louis County branch of the Minnesota War Records Commission has requested $3,000 to complete the county's record of the World War. More than 8,000 names of veterans have been compiled, but some 3,500 more remain to be contacted.
  • The Duluth Rotary Club yesterday voted unanimously to help pay for a daytime concert for Duluth school children by the New York Philharmonic Orchestra on May 18. The orchestra will be in town that day for an evening performance at the Armory.

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