News Tribune, May 5, 1921

  • A raiding party of Duluth police led by Chief Warren E. Pugh yesterday arrested three suspected bank robbers in their room at the Fifth Avenue Hotel. The men are suspected of complicity in the recent bank robbery at Coleraine, Minnesota.
  • Billboards directing tourists to the Duluth Commercial Club's new information booth will be erected on four highways leading into town, it was announced yesterday. The information booth will be located at the intersection of Superior Street and Fifth Avenue West.
  • Yesterday was the 33rd anniversary of the birth of the modern overhead trolley car system in Richmond, Virginia. Duluth discarded horse-drawn vehicles and employed electrified trolleys beginning on April 21, 1890, with the first line on Superior Street between Eighth Avenue West and Third Avenue East.
  • Duluth Boy Scouts will help the Police Department conduct an anti-jaywalking campaign this Saturday. Ten Scouts will be stationed on Superior Street intersections from 2nd to 4th avenues west at noon and dinner hour rushes, directing pedestrians to move safely among the vehicles.

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