News Tribune, April 28, 1921

  • Officials of the Pittsburgh Steamship Company announced yesterday that 42 of the 98 ships in its fleet will be idled this spring. The decision will curtail mining on the Iron Range and minimize operations at the Missabe docks in Duluth.
  • Duluth's May Day will be peaceful, according to a letter sent to Police Chief Pugh from the Workingmen's May Day Celebration Committee. The letter says there will be no inflammatory speeches made at the picnic in Fairmount Park and no incitements to riot.
  • Contrary to earlier reports, there should be plenty of carnations in Duluth for Mothers Day. John Leborious, owner of the Leborious Greenhouse, said yesterday it's true that demand for carnations has been high but that there will be plenty of the flowers on May 8.
  • The Duluth Boat Club's natatorium, considered the finest in the nation, will be opened to club members beginning this weekend. Matt Mann, coach of the Boat Club swimming team, will arrive from Detroit soon and will take charge of the facility.

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