News Tribune, April 16, 1921

  • A bill from the Minnesota Legislature, which became law on April 14, designates all six Minnesota normal schools as state teachers' colleges. The same act authorizes the teachers' college board to award four-year degrees to students who complete the designated curriculum at those schools.
  • Comedy, tragedy, and melodrama were enacted last evening in Duluth's First Methodist Church when Ruth Draper, considered the most accomplished of living reciters, appeared in original character sketches. The large audience showed its appreciation with a veritable storm of applause.
  • The six divisions of the Duluth Grade School Baseball League will open their seasons next Saturday when 24 teams go into action. Games will be played on the fields at Morgan Park, Fairmount, Denfeld, Harrison, Observation, Washington, Chester, Salter, Washburn, Grant, and Lester Park.
  • An audience which packed the New Grand Theater in Duluth last night determined by their applause the winners of the Amateur Night prizes. Edith Benlick, 11, and Janice Averbook, 12, both from Superior, easily captured first prize with a song and dance revue.

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