News Tribune, April 8, 1921

  • With the coming of this year's construction season, the city of Duluth will be providing steady employment for about 500 men through the summer and fall. The jobs will pay between 45 and 50 cents an hour for a 10-hour day.
  • A campaign to raise funds for construction of a new Masonic Temple in Lakeside is now being conducted among the members. The new temple will be built on 48th Avenue East and will replace the current temple on 45th Avenue East.
  • A crusade against automobile owners who violate traffic laws will be launched next week by the Duluth Police Department, according to Chief Warren E. Pugh. Chief Pugh said one of the most common violations is parking beyond the 20 minute limit on Superior Street.
  • The appearance of Ruth Draper, greatest living dramatic reciter, at First Methodist Church next week promises to be an important society event. Judging from advance reservations, there will be a capacity audience at her program of original character sketches.

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