News Tribune, April 3, 1921

  • A gun battle and pursuit through the thinly settled districts of New Duluth followed a raid on a vacant house early yesterday morning. Seven barrels of mash and apparatus for making moonshine were seized by Patrolmen Anderson and Billam.
  • The latest addition to Duluth's firefighting equipment arrived this week. The 140-horsepower triple combination Stutz pumping truck can throw three streams of water to a height of 150 feet and is also equipped with an improved type of chemical tank and hose.
  • Postal receipts in Duluth for the first quarter of 1921 totaled $169,898.73, an increase of about $27,000 over last year, according to Postmaster Thomas Considine. The increase is attributed to large amounts of advertising material being sent throughout the country by Duluth industries.
  • Superior police today are combing the city for a man known to his fellow gangsters under the appellation of "Whitey." The man is believed to be the leader of underworld operations that include a dope ring and a band of killers.

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