News Tribune, March 29, 1921

  • Attendees at the 1921 District 15 Rotary Convention in Fargo, North Dakota, voted unanimously yesterday to hold next year's event in Duluth. The Duluth delegation of 101 Rotarians attended the event with the goal of landing next year's convention.
  • A recent report shows that the St. Louis County nurses, Misses A.L. McMullin, Ruth Ringdahl and Fannie Leskinen, last year traveled 35,000 miles by auto, train, horse, and on foot to provide medical care to county residents. They visited 2,127 homes and treated 2,211 patients.
  • Mrs. Sam E. Matter of Duluth, who is attending the Association of Collegiate Alumnae Convention in Washington, D.C., has been invited to visit the White House. She will attend a reception and tea tomorrow afternoon hosted by First Lady Mrs. Warren G. Harding.
  • More than 200 employees of the Great Northern Railway shops in Superior will be laid off on March 31 due to a general depression in the railroad industry. They are expected to be back at work on May 2 when the shops reopen.

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