News Tribune, March 27, 1921

  • Acting on the recommendation of Police Chief Warren E. Pugh, the Duluth City Council yesterday passed a resolution opposing a bill in the Minnesota Legislature that would create a state safety commissioner position. The commissioner would have complete control over police forces in Minnesota cities.
  • Funding needs at St. Luke's Hospital were brought to the attention of the hospital's advisory committee this week. Some examples were the need for a new laundry facility and a men's ward where 12 beds are crowded into a space designed for seven.
  • Increased telephone rates in Duluth will go into effect April 1, officials of Northwestern Bell Telephone Company announced yesterday. There will be no increase in residential rates, but business rates will increase from $6 to $7 per month for single party lines.
  • After an expenditure of more than $7,000 and several months of remodeling, Duluth's New Garrick Theater is nearly ready to reopen. When the work is finished, officials say, the stage will be capable of handling any production, even large road shows.

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