News Tribune, March 24, 1921

  • The Minnesota House of Representatives last night approved bills authorizing Duluth to bond for four projects. The bills provide $350,000 for construction of a contagious diseases hospital and a garbage disposal plant, $150,000 for street improvements, and $300,000 for the city to prepare for the Great Lakes-to-Ocean waterway.
  • Brickwork continued yesterday on the Duluth Water and Light Building when five bricklayers were hired to replace the union workers who walked off in January. The new men will work at the present wage rate of $1 per hour until the building is completed.
  • M.J. Siegal, Duluth license inspector, yesterday urged the licensing of airplanes used for passenger service. Mr. Siegal also suggested that pilots and plane owners be required to take out liability insurance policies, insuring passengers against injury or death.
  • J.R. Batchelor, Duluth director of municipal recreation, yesterday announced the opening of a community center in the warming house at the Harrison Park skating rink. The building will be equipped with library tables, lounge chairs, and magazines and newspapers.

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