News Tribune, March 25, 1921

  • The Annual Report of Engineers for 1920 shows that of the 19 largest U.S. ports measured in vessel tonnage, 10 are Great Lakes ports. Of those 10, Duluth-Superior was second with nearly 43 million tons last year, trailing only New York City.
  • The project of draining Syracuse Lake, formed at a widening of the Embarrass River near Aurora, may be undertaken this summer by the Meriden Iron Mining Company. It is estimated that 3 million tons of iron ore are under the lake.
  • George Jessel, one of the younger set of vaudevillians, is at Duluth's Orpheum Theater this week performing with his troupe in the revue "Troubles of 1921." Though only 21 years old, Mr. Jessel is considered one of vaudeville's best monologists.
  • William Abrahamson, president of the Duluth Theatrical Managers Association, announced yesterday that Duluth theaters will not show any motion pictures featuring actress Clara Smith Hamon. Last week she was found not guilty of the murder of millionaire politician Jake L. Hamon.

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