News Tribune, March 19, 1921

  • John Kujala, on trial for the June 5 killing of Duluth taxi driver Johnny Jones, was convicted of first-degree murder yesterday by a jury in Carlton County District Court. Mike Inkinen and Swan Liukonen, self-confessed accomplices, currently await trial.
  • Forty-two of the 600 Duluth public school teachers were given a $125 salary increase for the next school year by the Board of Education last night. Forty-two teachers were denied an increase, and 516 were granted an increase of $75.
  • Lakewood residents are seeking daily mail delivery from the Lakewood Post Office. A petition prepared by a committee headed by John Hagberg, which argues there is enough mail along the proposed route to warrant the service, will be sent to Washington.
  • The Duluth Board of Education last night rejected a proposal by Fred B. Knight to remove the cannon in front of Central High School. Mr. Knight suggested that it's hazardous for students to climb on the cannon, the muzzle of which is nearly 12 feet above the ground.

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