News Tribune, March 15, 1921

  • The Liberty Manufacturing Company of Minneapolis is considering establishing a $1.5 million tire chain manufacturing plant in Duluth. Charles P. Smith, president and general manager of the company, met with the Duluth Commercial Club yesterday to learn what the city can offer.
  • The Duluth City Council yesterday approved six civic improvement projects with a total estimated cost of $139,862. The principal project ordered was the paving in concrete of about one mile of Woodland Avenue, from Kent Road to Oxford Street.
  • The Publicity Committee of the Duluth Commercial Club is discussing ways to attract more visitors to the city. One idea is a huge "Welcome to Duluth" signboard atop the Northern Pacific freight dock to welcome people sailing into the harbor on Great Lakes passenger steamers.
  • More than $2 million will be available this year for maintenance and improvements to St. Louis County's 3,700-mile highway system and for extensive county road construction. Officials say the construction season has already opened and crews are working on several projects.

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