News Tribune, March 12, 1921

  • The Duluth Board of Education last night did not act on a proposal to give the 600 public school teachers a wage increase of $75 next year. A counterproposal which will be considered soon would place the teachers on a merit system for pay raises.
  • The city of Duluth will soon be clearing land in Lake Shore Park, Chester Park, and Lester Park to provide campsites for visitors this summer. Twice as many tourists as last year are expected because of the growing popularity of automobile vacations.
  • The Agricultural Committee of the Duluth Commercial Club yesterday decided to again hold an agricultural exposition this fall after a lapse of three years. With the resumption of the exposition, competition among growers, from home gardeners to farmers, will be renewed.
  • A bill in the Minnesota Legislature would make it compulsory for boys and girls between the ages of 16 and 18 to attend school unless they need to work. If passed, the bill would affect approximately 1,200 boys and girls in Duluth.

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