News Tribune, Feb. 19, 1921

  • A Northern Pacific Railroad train traveling from St. Cloud to Minneapolis was robbed last night of about $500,000 in currency and negotiable securities. The lone bandit, posing as a postal inspector, attacked three mail clerks with a revolver and then made his escape.
  • St. Louis County yesterday announced plans to begin condemnation proceedings to obtain property on West Second Street on which to erect a new jail. Construction of the jail, which will be designed by the architectural firm of Holstead & Sullivan, should begin later this year.
  • Duluth Automobile Club officials yesterday announced the sale of $10,000 in bonds for purchase of land for a new clubhouse on Pike Lake. Work of clearing brush, seeding the ground, and fencing the property will begin soon.
  • Despite being warned of bad roads and winter hazards, Paul Keith and Joseph Carr recently completed a trip from Buffalo, New York, to Duluth in a Willys-Knight automobile. They left Buffalo on Feb. 5 and arrived in Duluth on Feb. 11.

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