News Tribune, Jan. 13, 1921

  • Engineers today will start a survey of Congdon Boulevard from 60th Avenue East to the Duluth city line. The survey will determine the cost of excavations, fills, and drainage so the road may be paved within two to three years.
  • The city of Duluth is looking into appointing an inspector to enforce both the smoke and elevator inspection ordinances. There have been many complaints about the heavy volume of soot-laden smoke that has been descending upon downtown streets during the winter months.
  • Plans to eliminate the steep and dangerous Thompson Hill Road entrance to western Duluth will be initiated this year by St. Louis County. The new road will be 3 1/2 miles long and will have a maximum grade of 5%.
  • "A Visit to Morgan Park," a film exhibiting the community's recreational, social and business activities, will be shown tonight in the Morgan Park Clubhouse. The film shows some visitors being taken on an automobile tour of the community's chief points of interest.

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