News Tribune, Dec. 21, 1920

  • Captain H.H. Thompson of Duluth will don his diving costume today and inspect the water intake pipe at the Lakewood Pumping Station. At the request of the city Health Department, Captain Thompson will inspect the pipe's interior from the station to its entrance into the lake.
  • Youngsters of the Superior Children's Home will be moved tomorrow from Billings Park to the Pattison home, recently donated by Mrs. Martin Pattison. The new children's home has been completely refitted and furnished appropriately.
  • Final preparations and decorating are underway at the Armory for Duluth's municipal Christmas party, which will take place on the afternoon of Christmas Day. There have been problems procuring a tree because of the insufficient supply in the woods surrounding Duluth.
  • A wave of opposition from Superior bakers has developed against the recent enactment of a city ordinance requiring bread to be baked in two-pound loaves. Bread bakers and their representatives will meet with the City Council today to protest the ordinance.

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