News Tribune, Nov. 20, 1920

  • Eighteen death actions were filed yesterday in Duluth District Court arising from the forest fires that burned near Duluth on Oct. 12, 1918. The actions were filed against the Duluth, Missabe & Northern Railroad and John Barton Paine, general manager of the railroad.
  • The Woodland Community Club last night adopted a resolution urging that the city enforce its quarantine ordinance to keep sick children at home. The club reports 90 children in the Woodland district are sick with smallpox or scarlet fever.
  • Charles S. Mitchell, editor of the Duluth News Tribune for 16 years, leaves that job today for Washington, D.C. to work for The Washington Herald, which is owned by Herbert Hoover and Julius Barnes. Mr. Mitchell has been a leader in the civic affairs of Duluth.
  • Edith Wahl, a 21-year-old waitress, was arrested in Superior yesterday, charged with aiding a prisoner to escape from jail. Miss Wahl allegedly mailed a set of hacksaw blades hidden in a carton of cigarettes to Harry Markle, alias Moonshine Harry, in the Douglas County Jail.

Bygones is researched and written by David Ouse, retired reference librarian from the Duluth Public Library. He can be contacted at

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