Dec. 18, 1919

Ours is the only open port on North Shore

There are a number of things in and about Two Harbors that we miss and may allow to entirely pass our notice unless, in some way or another, they are brought to our attention.

During this cold weather, our port is the only one on the North Shore of Lake Superior that is navigable for ships, as all the other harbors are frozen up, not excepting Duluth. We have trading in and out of our port, ten fishing boats, bringing into Two Harbors from various points along the North shore as far north as Grand Marais, 100 miles from here, and we have been shipping by rail as many as seven carloads of herring in one day.

Dec. 14, 1944

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Young hunter bags a bear

Saturday was a big day in the adventures of Jimmy Lingren. While prowling through the woods and inspecting stumps for something he didn't really expect to find, one of the stumps talked back to him with a growl — and out popped the head of a bear who made a nice scratch on the butt of his shotgun.

Quickly hurrying to the farm place of his grandfather, Otto E. Erickson, at Stewart, Jimmy returned with a high powered rifle and a shot in the head didn’t stop the Bruin. On the way out, the bear got another one in the head and he stayed put.

This concludes a fine hunting season for the 15-year-old woodsman: a nice deer during the season and now a bear.

May provide sliding hill

The committee on public safety reported to the city council Monday night that children were sliding on the Waldo Road near the Johnson grocery store in Segogg Addition. Considering this to be a very dangerous practice, the committee recommended that the police department try to stop the pastime.

Mayor Brickley suggested that the city shut off First Street from the alley north of Third Avenue for the purpose of providing a sliding hill for children. The matter was referred to the city attorney and will be taken up further at the next meeting.

Dec. 18, 1969

Local couple set for trip

Mr. and Mrs. Waddon Johnson of Two Harbors were poised this week for a trip into the deep sunny south next month to view the Super Bowl football game, the World Series of professional football. They won an all-expense paid trip, known as the Super Bowl sweepstakes, which was sponsored by the First National Bank.

The game is scheduled for Sunday, Jan. 11 at New Orleans when the National Football League champions — hopefully the Minnesota Vikings — will play the American League champions in the classic. (Editor's note: In the Vikings' first of four trips to the Super Bowl, they lost to the Kansas City Chiefs 23-17.)

The Johnsons will leave Minneapolis in a chartered plane, stay in a hotel with other winners, view the game and visit local attractions.