Nov. 6, 1919

Halloween party at Y a success

It is estimated that 400 masqueraders joined in the good time frolic of the hobgoblins and witches at the Y.M.C.A Friday night. Not only was the gym floor completely filled, but the running track had to be used to accommodate the crowd.

As each masquerader entered the building, they were directed to walk through the various ghost walks by guides, who lead them through chutes, slides and up ghost alley which was by no means an easy task to get through.

An informal program for the first half of the evening consisted of a five-piece orchestra, solos by L. Bailieu, English folk dance by the high school girls’ gym class and a comedy swimming meet by the intermediate boys’ swimming class. The second half of the evening was devoted to games, singing and a regular Halloween spirit prevailed throughout the evening.

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After refreshments had been served, the masqueraders departed at a late hour and all expressed themselves as having had a great time.

Nov. 9, 1944

Roosevelt elected for a fourth term; city recreation program is secure

Citizens of Lake County cast a total of 3,491 votes Tuesday. Efficiency of the election board in tabulating returns put Lake County in third place for counties in Minnesota making complete returns. With the exception of returning veteran Mike Holm, Rep., to the office of Secretary of State, the county went Democratic for the national and D-F-L for the state.

The recreational program went over overwhelmingly with 2505 yes votes to 256 no votes. The program was started by the school board this last summer and is set to return this summer as a result of this vote.

The closest count was that of William K. Hagberg with 547 votes against 545 votes for Emil Westholm for commissioner of the Fourth District County Commissioner seat.

Democratic candidates Roosevelt and Truman received 2,401 votes, winning the popular vote of the county with Republicans Dewey and Bricker receiving 792.

Although Edward Thye received the majority of the vote throughout the state, Byron Allen received more votes in the county: Thye received 1,288 votes while Allen received 2,046.

The state constitutional amendment to authorize state construction and operation of airports; to authorize taxes on aircraft fuel and aircraft sales passed in both the state and county, with 2,597 yes votes and 500 no votes.

A checked fire

A slight explosion in an overheated furnace started a fire at the home of Mrs. Bessie Lackie, 301 Eighth Street, Sunday morning. The fire was confined to the basement, doing considerable damage. Tenants on the first floor were awakened by smoke at about 5 a.m. and the fire department was called. Their prompt action checked what could have been a very serious fire.