Oct. 19, 1944

Ministers map plans for T.H. survey

On Thursday evening last week the ministerial association of Two Harbors met at Emmanuel Lutheran Church to formulate plans for the upcoming religious census of the community.

All churches in Two Harbors will be cooperating in the survey which is to be taken in the afternoon and evening of Nov. 3. Rev. Snider, chairman of the committee on investigation, reported on the findings toward organization of the canvassers. There is to be a staff of 80 workers working in teams of two. The entire census is to be accomplished in the afternoon and evening of one day. It is the hope of the association that every family and individual in Two Harbors will be accounted for in the census. All are urged to cooperate with the canvassers.

As Father McEnery stated in the discussion, “If this canvass is to be effective it must be entirely complete, including everyone in the community.”

Oct. 23, 1969

Boat landing port launched

Work was progressing this week on installation of a small craft landing facility on the east shore of Agate Bay about halfway out to the U.S. Coast Guard light.

The site is on land leased by the city of Two Harbors from the Oliver Iron Mining Co. and construction work is being done by Roy LaBounty, local contractor.

The project is being financed by the Two Harbors Civic Association and is expected to cost about $3,000. Work will consist of leveling the bank at that point, graveling of the area including a parking space and construction of a concrete ramp into the lake.

The facility will provide additional service to owners of small boats along the lake. It augments a State Conservation Department concrete ramp facility which was in use during the past summer on the shore of Burlington Bay near the city campsite.

Work on barn makes strides

A crew of neighborly volunteers in the Knife River area made big strides last weekend in construction of a 30x36 frame shelter for horses belonging to the Sylvio Boulanger family, victims of two blazes since last July.

July 29 the barn on their property which extends north of the new highway at Knife River, burned down. Last week their dwelling was also razed by fire.

Meanwhile on investigation of the mysterious house blaze as continuing by the state fire marshal. The home burned while the family was away on a visit to Ohio. The barn blaze at the time was attributed to possible spontaneous combustion of hay which had been stored in its loft.

The volunteer work force expected to continue work on the shelter this week. Meanwhile the Red Cross and the Salvation Army in the county was conducting a drive for clothing, household goods and other items for the family.