Bygones: Richard Bong's medals, uniform were stolen in 1981

Bygones is researched and written by David Ouse, retired reference librarian from the Duluth Public Library. He can be contacted at

Duluth News Tribune archive / Newsbank

News Tribune, Aug. 28, 1981

  • Medals and ribbons awarded to World War II flying ace Richard Ira Bong were stolen from the Bong Memorial when the Poplar School was broken into early yesterday. Also taken from a glass case was Major Bong's Army Air Force uniform.
  • Travelers to northern Minnesota's Boundary Waters Canoe Area may not be able to cross into Canada's Quetico Provincial Park next summer. Four Canadian customs stations along the U.S.-Canadian border might be closed next year, effectively shutting the door to Quetico for many Americans.

News Tribune, Aug. 28, 1921

  • The Minnesota Teachers College Board will meet in St. Paul in September to formulate a full college course of three to four years for the Duluth State Teachers College. The course would be the same as that taught at the University of Minnesota for the education of teachers.
  • Hundreds of Duluth public school students will get dental care this school year under a program planned by Dr. I.H. Northfield, school dentist. Students will get checkups and be taught how to use a toothbrush through practical demonstrations in each school.

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