Bygones: Duluth sends barges to New York

Bygones is researched and written by David Ouse, retired reference librarian from the Duluth Public Library. He can be contacted at


News Tribune, April 13, 1921

  • The first of a number of self-propelled motor barges, designed for use on the New York State barge canal, will be launched this Saturday at the McDougall-Duluth Shipbuilding Company in Riverside. The steel barges are the invention of Capt. Alexander McDougall, Duluth's pioneer shipbuilder.
  • The Duluth Commercial Club is opening an investigation into the problem of local restaurant employees found to be afflicted with contagious disease. One goal of the investigation is the enactment of laws to safeguard against the spread of such disease.
  • The passenger steamer America will leave Duluth on April 24 for her first North Shore trip of the season, stopping at Grand Marais, Fort William, and several intermediate ports. During the summer, she will make her usual South Shore trips.
  • The Duluth Twilight Amateur Baseball League will be reorganized for the season at a meeting to be held at the Kelley Duluth Company tomorrow night. Eight teams are expected in the league this season, including the Glass Block team, last year's championship winner.

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